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My pages that discuss or demonstrate Java technology that I think is cool.

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I have been doing Web Services technology related articles for some time.

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Included only for historical interest, these are pretty outdated by now, Java moves fast!

Java Programmer Certification Resources

Java Servlet and JSP Resources

Anybody working with servlets or JSP should get familiar with these official sites. Be sure you download the PDF formatted APIs, these are the ultimate authority for servlet questions.

More sites by knowledgeable and helpful people.

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Welcome to my web site!

I will be using this to present various computing resources that I have accumulated over the years, and to promote various commercial enterprises.

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Please mail me if anything seems to not work properly.

Creating PDF Documents

I recently finished a contract job that got me involved with creating PDF documents. The Apache Software Foundation Formatting Objects Project provided the basic xml to PDF tool, so most of the work involved getting the source XML content rearranged and reformatted with FOP formatting tags. If you try this be sure to keep a copy of the FOP compliance.html document on hand because FOP does not implement all of the standard, and only a few of the extensions. I found the Definitive XSL-FO book by Holman to be a great reference, but the binding is way too stiff to behave right on the desk so I had it rebound by Kinkos in a lay-flat binding.

New Test Engine

I did a complete redesign of my servlet based test administration engine. I have incorporated many improvements suggested by my experience working with the previous test engines and by commercial users of those engines. It now includes some really cool capability such as questions that are answered by mouse-dragging images. All accomplished by a combination of CSS and JavaScript on the browser side with servlets and XML on the server side. Try this example to exercise all the cool question types.

I am looking for commercial applications of the new engine, so if you have a need for running certification exams, or are teaching a certification prep course, talk to me. I can host exams here, lease the engine to you, or incorporate it in a custom program.

Mock Java Exam with the New Engine

You can try the new system with old versions of the Java Programmer Certification practice tests by going here. Note that these qustions are for older versions of Java and are not current. Please let me know what you think.

The Hardest Questions Collection

I have been running mock Java exams for years, and recording people's answers. Analysis of the results gave me a collection of 19 questions that really gave people a hard time. You can try the Hardest question set from this page using the new test engine. Note that these questions date from the era of Java 1.2 and are thus out of date - you should rely on more recent mock exams for real practice.

I analyzed over 65,000 records from people taking the "Hardest" question collection. Results summarized here!

Metaphone Now in Servlet

Years ago I used the metaphone phonetic encoding algorithm in a custom program to help find misspellings of names when transcribing legal documents. Later I also made public an applet that demonstrated the use of the algorithm. To my surprise, hundreds of people have asked for the code - it appears that this is a topic of interest to many. You can experiment with the algorithm and download the basic code from this page. Enjoy!

Take a Survey

If you have ever attended a certification training workshop (also known as a "Boot Camp") for Java or any other computer certification, I would love to hear about your experiences. In cooperation with Certification Magazine, we ran a survey to find out how useful the experience was to you. The survey has at most 33 questions and should take you less than 10 minutes.

June 26, 2003. The formal survey period has ended but you can still take it if you like. The responses are summarized on this page.

Needless to say, its a work in progress.

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